Family Discipleship

Our church had a bit of a revelation recently: the church is not responsible to disciple your (or my) kids; YOU ARE! (Deut 4:9; Prov 22:6; Eph 6:1-4)

Most believers sort of intuitively know this, but there is still a subtle but very strong idea in the minds of many if not most believers that the “youth ministry” will equip our kids. But what if we took total responsibility for our children’s spiritual growth? How would our homes be different?

That is a question CRCC wants to answer. We pray you join us for this quest!

CRCC Discipleship At Home

  1. Immediately institute daily times of family prayer, worship, and Bible reading.
  2. Print out and begin working through your catechism of choice (in an age appropriate manner).  This is for everyone regardless of marital/parental status.
  3. Be willing to become intentional in the ministry of hospitality. Open your home to others as needed.  Look for ways to serve your community and evangelize as a family. 

*We strongly encourage and expect fathers (if they are present) to take the lead in this process (worship, teaching, and evangelism/service).

Family Discipleship Resources


Resources for Younger Children

Our Recommended Devotional For Those Just Starting

Training Hearts, Teaching Minds
Family Devotions based on the Shorter Catechism
Written By: Starr Meade

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For additional Family Discipleship Resources visit the