Revelations about Love Pt 2: Asking for Forgiveness

Lord, please forgive me.

As I consider the last 15 years, there is SO much to be thankful for and celebrate....and we will certainly do that.  But first...please forgive me.  For any times that I misrepresented You.  For any times I failed to help a sinner see his/her need for grace because I didn't use a biblical method.  For failing to see the connection between Law, grace, and evangelism.  For any times that I was prideful.  For the many times I allowed pragmatism and cultural norms to trump the precepts, principles, and patterns of Your holy Word....

I ask for Your forgiveness and for the forgiveness of the saints of God.

As we go into the next 15 years, by Your grace, help us to bear more true fruit...fruit that remains....fruit born of Your Spirit and Your Word.

In Jesus Name.