To Call or Not to Call....them forward

I suppose the last 2 years have been truly been reflective, since based on fresh reviews of Scripture we have examined preaching style and focus, youth ministry, etc and come up with expository sermons, Jesus is Enough, refusing to shield people from the tough verses of Scripture, and Family Integration! LOL

I've also spent time looking at worship service evangelism and altar calls.  The "fall away" rates and difficulty of follow up always frustrated me.  And I had questions:

  • What does coming forward have to do with salvation?
  • How do we know it wasn't the persuasive abilities of the preacher that brought them forward?
  • Can a sinful person "decide" to "accept" Christ?
  • How can a dark and sinful heart do that if God alone calls them?
  • Why do so many who "decided" show no fruit of salvation whatsoever?

Take some time and read the below articles. Since nearly all of us grew up on invitationalism/decisionism, the below counter views will stretch you as they are me as I study this issue.